How to open a franchise

Before choosing a franchise, we therefore advise you to carry out an analysis by contacting an accountant who can help you study the following aspects:

the trend of the selected market and sector;

the positioning of the area of ​​interest;

the minimum investment necessary and the contractual conditions required;

personal and company entrepreneurial propensities and skills;

competing brands on the market resturant franchises

The minimum duration of a franchise contract is set at three years, but to minimize risks and understand the payback time of the investment, you can contact the parent company directly and request their budget, financial statements, as well as the performance number of points of sale already affiliated and the percentage of closed stores.

To conclude, it must be emphasized that the success of your business, whether independent or franchised, will mainly depend on your experience and entrepreneurial ability .

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The main advantage of opening a franchise is being able to enjoy the fame and stability of a certain format, but you will have to know how to choose the best franchisor for your aptitudes and possibilities, seriously committing yourself to your business.

After this necessary overview of the world of franchising, let’s now go into the details of the matter. After choosing the type of franchise to join, you may be wondering what it takes to open a successful franchise shop .

You just have to continue reading this guide to find out what documents to present, what kind of requisites you must possess and what are the costs to be incurred to open a franchise in Italy. As mentioned above, taking advantage of the know-how, experience and customer network of a franchisor brand brings several advantages and guarantees in addition to opening a business in complete autonomy.

But what are the procedures to follow and the practices to fill out before starting the activity?

We begin by illustrating the personal and professional requirements that the franchisee and the company must possess. As regards the requirements that those who want to open a franchised store must possess, it is necessary to distinguish between subjective and objective requirements .