Comedy Movies To Watch With Your Family

Since its inception, cinema has provided people with a means of amusement and entertainment. From its shallow material at times to its believable and relatable storyline, cinema has been a constant for us as an escape from everyday life. The lockdown has disturbed cinema’s complex nature, but OTT streaming services have preserved cinema’s influence.

Many direct-to-video releases to adding a curated list of movies and streaming platforms have helped make the pandemic not so mundane. One such streaming platform is AHA, where you can watch full movies online and all the new films from Tollywood. One film that is streaming on aha that will get you laughing and enjoying is Nandini Nursing Home.

Written and Directed by P. V Giri, Nandini Nursing Home released back in 2016. With music by Achu, the film stars Nawin Vijay Krishna in his film debut, Nithya and Sravya in the leads. The plot centers on a young man’s life, Chando, who is passionate and dedicated to making a lot of money. He arrives in Hyderabad and works as a bogus doctor at the well-known Nandini Nursing Home. The plot thickens as a series of unfortunate events occur, tarnishing the hospital’s image.

What exactly are those occurrences? Who is the mastermind? Why did Chando decide to work at Nandini Nursing Home?

The suspense element in this film has been preserved until the very end, which is one of the most surprising aspects. Furthermore, how it has been introduced into commercial comedy is quite remarkable and keeps the film together. Navin Krishna gives a great first impression. His success is very impressive, and he is a perfect match for his role. He has a great screen presence and can go a long way if he works hard enough and chooses interesting films like Nandini Nursing Home.

Nithya Naresh and Shravya have both performed admirably in their respective roles.

The suspense elements were unveiled in an exceptionally well-narrated manner during the pre-climax and climax. The film benefits from the comedy provided by Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, and Saptagiri. The love story between Navin and Shravya is a breath of fresh air. The film’s production values are outstanding. The decent camerawork showcases the Nursing home in a splendid way. The art direction department deserves credit for creatively using the different locations in the hospital. The editing is excellent, and the background score is successful in amplifying the overall effect.

P V Giri has done an excellent job with the movie. Narrating a commercial film with a high suspense level is no easy task, and the director deserves full credit for his accomplishment.

The young debutant Nawin stuns everybody with his debut performance. The film’s main strength is the subtle manner in which both humor and suspense are told.

Nandini Nursing Home will be a good addition to your weekend movie binge, as it is funny and suspenseful with amazing performances. To watch the latest Telugu movies online, subscribe to aha, an OTT Platform for Telugu films, series, and content.